Saturday, July 23, 2011

鈍さ- dullness




などそういう ”本音”の表現を口に出てしまった。まだまだ次回のチャンスがあるのに、こんな”自分をボッと包丁で刺すみたい”という言葉を言った。


「才能といえば、学校で優勝な成績やよく知識を知っている能力を持っている学生だと思いがちだ。確かにそういう能力も才能なのであるが、”鈍さ” という特徴も才能である。。。」




明日、笑顔で 「おはいようございます!」



In this life, as human must feel sad sometimes. Whoever, young people, old man, as long as human, the fact that we have to face miserable experience is absolutely true. But did we realised, at that time, when we dissappointed....

"Give up!I failed and I am bad person"

"Worst day again....."

etc the "real" expression that came out suddenly from our mouth. Even there is still next chance, but this expression, it is like stabbing ourselves by knife.

One day, during Japanese class when I was doing comprehension exercise, I read this sentence.

"When we say about ability, we always imagine about students that could obtain good academic results at school and also students rich with general knowledge. But it is only a way of thinking. It is true they are also abilities, but "dullness" chacarater is also an ability..."

Failed many times, always making mistakes when doing work or study, or often be scolded by boss. In other words, for him nothing of his action is correct.

But, even today he was scolded until we feel so worry about him,

Tomorrow, with smiling he say, "Good morning! "

What we thought about him was truely wrong. Even how sad it was, he tends to forget it immediately and moving forward. Although he failed many times, quickly he been resilient, and always think how to improve himself in future.

In other words, we cannot say that "dullness" is also an ability?


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