Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I forgot


Today I got EJU's results. Before taking the slip also, I thought the worst thing about it. Try to be mental-prepared for any outcomes. And setting my mind up for whatever appear as in the slip.

After opening the slip,

As it, not as expected. Not as been hoped. Not as a thing to be proud of.

I was disappointed.

1st, my japanese marks only a few marks from my aim. And it was effected by my low listening part marks. Since I starting japanese study, I was no good in listening and it was been my biggest fear in learning japanese. Half of EJU's marks was listening and it was really scary. And that's it,at last it was the enemy.

2nd, I was not surprised for my physics and math marks, but for chemistry, oh. I was really aiming to get high marks for this subject and again, it disappointed me. Total marks for science and math were not high, and fading my hope to apply for national university here. (imagine how hard to enter national university here). I don't know whether should I continue my plan to apply that uni, this marks really sickening.

3rd, of course, environment. You might know how it feels looking your friends smiling around, screaming for good results and made cool faces and just said, "I've done, how yours?" Or someone else are keep complaining their marks, "Why this, I should get higher!". Glancing at their slip, I felt want to punch them together with dumbells I just bought. (dapat markah tinggi tu nk complain pe lg?)

But, (please forget what I told above)

I forgot,

I complained about my unsatisfied results, but there were somebody who got worse.

I am not satisfied with this, but it was better than previous.

I'm talking about my bad listening, but there are somebody who cannot listen and hear at all.

I'm just passed the average marks, but there are someone who didn't pass even one.

I'm just not get good results, but there were someone who struggled more than me just to pass it.

I'm hoping for better ones, but I forgot what I got is the best from Allah.

I felt want to disappoint, but I forgot I should be grateful as there are somebody who more unfortunate out there.

So, it was the best from Allah. Alhamdulillah.

Ya Allah, please forgive me. Let me be one of your grateful slave. Amin.

p/s : thanks for who supported me throughout the times and made du'a. I'm sorry I cannot be the good example. May Allah bless all of you. Amin.


  1. yup betul.. kite kena bersyukur dengn ape yang kita dapat. InsyaAllah ada hikmah di sebalik setiap yang berlaku.. Udaci.. ^^