Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a life, accept it

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Dear my faithful reader,  (ceh, macam ada org baca je)

It has been a long time since I wrote in English ( I know my English is not that good), but at least I tried to write in this I-dont-really-like language. Yeah, sincerely my English is bad. From primary school until the end of my secondary school, I was forced by my father to read more English books to improve my language skills, but it didn't work. In Semesti, I used more Malay to speak, and I started to speak in English just for scholarship interview.

Even during the BNM interview, my lack in English was shown. "You have to improve your English and communication skill after this." The interviewer "advised" me during the session.

And until now I'm struggling, I try to speak English with my friends as much as I can, Alhamdulillah thanks to Allah for giving friends that prefer to use English when we are talking.

Ok, It's a life, accept it.

It is normal as human to face challenges and burdens in life. Sometimes challenges strengthen us, but sometimes weaken us. We are not like sahabats' Iman that always improve from time to time. We are not Malaikat who dont' have any sin. We are normal muslim, normal human, and our graph of Iman it's like dekoboko (suddenly using japanese, the kanji for it is 凸凹, means "up and down").
It will increase and decrease. It's hard to make it directly proportional, but easy to make it inversely proportional.

When challenges come, until one point you can bear it, but after one moment you will feel distressed and dishearted.

I always keep in mind that all things happened were best to me. But sometimes, reflecting back what happened, sad feeling comes and I feel regret for it.

For me, facing problem related to studies, university is ok and I can endure it, but when it added to human relationship, I felt really down. Sincerely, I dont like to keep doubting someone, and I want to build a good relationship with everyone, even who you are or where you come from. Being and having enemy is just a poison to your life, and doesn't good at all, except for having enemy that is allowed in Islam.

When one of my friend said,

"You looked stressed. Dont be like this, always keep hardworking and pray a lot, there is still rezeki for you later"

Yeah, now I realized I cannot study with stressed mood, because later I will end up with nothing. Now I started learning in my own pace, without thinking about others. But still, I have to work hard and dont wasting this precious short time.


p/s : Please pray for all of us! Amin.....


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