Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last tackle

"It seems nobody really cares about me"

Suddenly, I remember about this character, which I used to read the manga Eye Shield 21 (story about american football in japanese high school) last time. Since there is no manga for rugby, and I don't really like soccer manga, so I think this was the best manga to read that time. Haha

His name is Shin Seijuro. He's not the main character, but he is the main opponent and rival for the main character, Sena (which is the fastest sprinter). Sena and Shin are always oppose each other, showing their best abilities to be the best player in Japan. Sena plays as sprinter for the Devil Bats team, but Shin is linebacker (more to defender) for Oujyo White Knights.

I like his character. A genius player with super hardworking through his training, he is a humble, but very serious character. But he never smile, until he was beaten by Sena at their last match. He trains all the time, in rains and hot, and he knew that one day he will be beaten by his rival, so to avoid that he trained all his best, but at last the hero of the manga won the battle.

And his famous technique during the game was "spear tackle", before been upgraded to "trident tackle". In the manga, if Shin is a linebacker for the match, no one could reach to beyond him to score touchdown. Plus, you could end with heavy stomachache or broken leg or hand after been tackled by him.

But, this is post is not to write about this manga actually.

EJU is just a month and half but currently, I still not prepare seriously for that. I know I wasted a lot of time and to compensate it, is almost impossible. What can I do it, to realize how precious each second after this, not by thinking "ok, I still have one month" instead I should try to think, "no way, I don't have anytime". Time passed and while writing this also, the time still passing.

This last month, just give the "Last Tackle"

Aiming your opponent.

Focus on him.

Prepare your hand.

Watch your steps.



*Having only that kind of spirit is not enough. We are muslims. We have Allah. At last, let He decide the best for us. Pray a lot, everyone.

I've been so weak through all this time, now I begin to hate this feeling. I hope this is stronger feeling, and want to move forward, no matter what happen.

"It seems nobody really cares about me." 

Yeah, nobody cares about you. But Allah does. And it's enough.


  1. goodluck for your EJU(if aina tak silap)
    you know your strength :) work for it!
    i know you can do.