Thursday, April 14, 2011

At this hard time....

As the result of the big earthquakes occured in Japan 11th March ago, my class, supposed to start on 11th April, was postponed until 9th May. You may think that, "One month holiday!Wow!", the reality is, the way become harder and harder.

Just with SPM science-basic knowledge, I went to INTEC in the end of May last year, doing 3 months so-called-intensive Japanese language preparation. Along with students of Kumpulan Teknikal Jepun (JPA KTJ), we learned beginner level of Japanese language, began with zero knowledge of Japanese, we started learning Hiragana, Katakana and a little bit of Kanji (approx 250 letters). Luckily, my science and maths knowledge was not faded too bad, we were provided some Physics, Chemistry and Math lectures, which I learned quite new things, like surds in Maths and some new knowledges in Chemistry, and revising Physics basic theories.

Then, in October last year, I came to Japan and began my study in Asia Bunka Kaikan (ABK), a school for Japanese language study, open to everyone, no matter what reason you come to Japan, for example going to University, furthering in Master, PHD or just for fun, have deep interest in Manga and Anime and so on. From October till March this year, I took S-Course, provided only Japanese language lectures for 6 months, which I thought improving me a lot in Japanese. From basic knowledge gained in INTEC, I managed (I think so) to reach 2 kyuu (2nd highest level) in Japanese during 6 months time. Alhamdulillah.

During 6 months time, I thought I was not wasting so much time, as I concentrated more in Japanese studies, memorising 1000 + Kanji by myself and learning new Bunpou (grammars) days and nights. With guidance and a lot of help from my senpai, Naza who provided free classes for Japanese, once or twice a week, usually until late night.By means, in the morning we got formal classes in ABK, from 9 to 2.30 pm, at night we got classes with Naza from 7 to 9/10 pm, in other words, days and night. Hardest time came in January, which we got classes from him almost every day, and so-called exam during last January.

Starting after November EJU last year, our two dearest senpai from ABK, Noel and Tai, provided another classes, Noel for Chokai (listening), writing composition, and Math, while Tai for Physics. Eventhough it was not official, I learned a lot during the classes, for Chokai I began to get used in high-speed Japanese conversation, for Physics, I began to understand deeply in some topis in Mechanics. Special credit to them =)

It was really hectic, busy time during 6 months period, which I called "time for been pressured from seniors". But I know there is a lot of thing I don't know, especially in Science subjects. Sometimes, I felt I was so left behind, compare to other friends who are doing their Asasi, Matriks, A-level, IB or others. Especially for students who are preparing to further in same track with me, from AAJ and IBT in Malaysia. Luckily, their preparations are far more organised, in proper syllibus, with guidance and encouragement from experienced lecturers, more important, not affected by what happening now in Japan. Just, they have to work hard, and they can excel.

Unlike us, class postponed, improper syllibus, no official guidance, too-late preparations for Science subjects, when will only start in May, which I think I will be in dying situation that time, as previous senpais.

Being in this situation, I almost feel dishearted and discouraged. I know my level is not that good, my yaruki (motivation) is fading slowly and slowly. I began to give up.

But I saw what happened in Japan right now, 3 disasters at same period, and the number of deaths is continously increasing. But the spirit is still there. Suppose the Hanami (sakura-watching) picnic is everywhere this moment, but for the sake of respecting the victims, they don't do. Artists are drawing everywhere, writing in big words, "Ganbarou Nihon!" means "All the best Japan!". They are very resilient. Their spirit to get up touched me deeply. All did their best to help each other, regardless of ages, profession, whoever are them. I simply touched.

I hope I get that spirit. I will pray all the time.

How hard the challenges it will be, I always remember Allah is always be on myside. I learned a lot from what I experienced until now, and all what I have to do to is continously pray....

and believe......

Minna, Ganbarou!


  1. Hi, which dorm did you live in when you were studying at ABK College?